The Gospell of S. Marke (Tyndale 1526)

The Gospell. Of. S. Marke. (Tyndale 1526)
The fyrst Chapter.
1:1 The begyñyng off the Gospell of Iesu Christ the sonne off God/
1:2 as yt ys written in the prophettſ/ beholde I sende my messenger before thy face/ whych shall prepare thy waye before the.
1:3 The voyce of won that cryeth in the wildernes: prepare ye the waye off the lorde/ make his pathes streyght.
1:4 Ihon did baptise in the wyldernes/ and preache the baptim of repentaunce/ for the remissiō of synnes.
1:5 And all the londe off iewry/ and they of Ierusalem went out vnto hym/ and were all baptised of hym in the ryver Iordan/ knowledgynge/ theire synnes.
1:6 Ihon was clothed with cammyllſ heer/ and wyth a gerdyll off a beestes skyn about hys loynes. And he ate locustſ ād wylde hony/
1:7 and preached saynge: a stronger then I commeth after me/ whos shue latchett I am not worthy to stoupe doune and vnlose.
1:8 I have baptised you with water: but he shall baptise you with the holy goost.
1:9 And yt cam to passe ī those dayes/ that Iesus cā from nazareth/ a cite of galile: and was baptised of Ihon in Iordan.
1:10 And immediatly he cā out of the water/ and sawe the hevens open/ ād the holy goost descendinge vppon hym lyke a dove.
1:11 And there cam a voyce from hevē: Thou arte my dere sonne/ in whom I delite.
1:12 And immediatly the sprete drave hym into a wildernes:
1:13 and he was there in the wyldernes xl. dayes/ and was tempted off Satan/ and was with wylde beestes. And the angels ministred vnto hym.
1:14 After that Ihon was take/ Iesus cam in to galile/ preachynge the gospell off the kyngdom of god/
1:15 and saynge: the tyme ys ful come/ ād the kyngdō of god is even att honde/ repent and beleve the gospell.
1:16 As he walked by the see of galile/ he sawe Simon and Andrewe his brother castinge nettſ in to the see/ for they were fysshers.
1:17 And Iesus sayde vnto them: folowe me/ and I wyll make you to be fysshers of men.
1:18 And they strayght waye forsoke their nettſ/ and folowed him.
1:19 And when he had gone a lytell further thens/ he sawe Iames the sonne off zebede/ and Ihon his brother/ even as they were in the shippe dressynge their nettſ.
1:20 And anon he called thē. And they leeft their father Zebede in the shippe with hys heyred servauntſ/ and went their waye after hym.
1:21 And they entred in to capernaū/ and streight waye on the sabot dayes he entred in to the sinagogge and taught.
1:22 And they mervelled att hys learninge. for he taught them as wō whych had power with him/ and not as the scrybſ did.
1:23 And there was in the sinagogge/ a mā vexed with an vnclene spirite/ ād he cryed
1:24 sayinge: lett me a lone: what have we to do with the Iesus of nazareth? arte thou come to destroie vs? I knowe what thou arte/ thou arte that holy mā promysed of god.
1:25 And Iesus rebuked him/ saynge: hoolde thy pace and come out of the mā.
1:26 And the vnclene spirite tare him/ cryed out with a lowde voyce/ and cam out of him.
1:27 And they were all amased/ in somoche that they demaunded wō off another a monge thē selves/ saying: what thīge ys thys? what newe doctrine is thys? for he coōmaundeth the foule spiritſ with power/ ād they obeye hī.
1:28 Anon his name spreed abroade throughoute all the region borderynge on galile.
1:29 And immediatly as sonne as they were come out of the sinagogge/ they entred in to the housse of Symon and Andrew with Iames and Ihō.
1:30 Symonſ mother elawe lay sicke of a fiver/ and annō they tolde hym of her.
1:31 And he cam and toke her by the honde and lifte her vppe/ and the fiver forsoke her by and by: And she ministred vnto them.
1:32 And at even when the sun was doune/ they brought vnto him all that were diseased/ ād thē that were possessed with devyls
1:33 and all the cite gaddred to gedder at the dore/
1:34 ād he healed many that were sycke of dyvers deseases. And he cast out many: devyls ād suffered not the devyls to speake/ because they knewe him.
1:35 And in the moorninge very erly/ Iesus arose and went out ī to a solitary place/ ād there prayed.
1:36 And Simon and they that were with hym folowed after hym.
1:37 And when they had founde hī/ they sayde vnto him: all men seke for the.
1:38 and he sayd vnto thē: let vs go in to the next tounes/ that y maye preache there also: for truly I cā out for that purpose.
1:39 ād he preached ī their sinagoggſ/ throughout all galile/ and cast devyls out.
1:40 And there cam a leper to him besechinge him/ and kneled doune vnto him/ and sayde vnto hī: yf thou wylt/ thou arte able to make me clene.
1:41 Iesus had cōpassiō on him/ ād put forth his hōde/ touched him/ and sayde vnto him: I will/ be clene.
1:42 and as sone as he had spokē/ immediatly the leprosy departed from him/ and he was clēsed.
1:43 And he charged hym/ and sent him awaye forthwith.
1:44 and sayd vnto him: Se that thou tell no man/ but gett the hence ād shewe thy sylfe to the preste/ and offer for thy clensynge/ those thīgſ which Moses cōmaunded/ for a testemoniall vnto thē.
1:45 But he (as sone as he was departed) began to tell many thīgſ and to publyshe the dede/ in so moche that Iesus coulde no more opēly entre in to the cite/ but was with out ī desert places/ and they cam to him from every quarter.
The ij. Chapter.
2:1 AFter a feawe dayes he entred īto Capernaum againe/ and it was noysed that he was ī a housse:
2:2 and a non many gaddered to gedder/ in so moche that nowe there was no roume to receave them: no/ nott in places a bout the dore. And he preached vnto them.
2:3 And there cam vnto hym that brought wone sycke off the palsey/ borne off fower men:
2:4 and be cause they coulde not come nye vnto hym for preace: They opened the rofe of the housse where he was. And when they had broken yt opē/ they lett doune the beed where ī the sicke of the palsey ley/
2:5 Whē Iesus sawe their fayth/ he sayde to the sicke of the palsey/ sonne thy synnes are forgeven the.
2:6 There were certeyne of the scrybſ sittinge/ ād reasoninge in their hertſ:
2:7 howe doeth thys felowe blaspheme? who cā forgeve synnes/ but god only?
2:8 And immediatly when Iesus perceaved ī his sprete/ that they so reasoned in them selves/ he sayde vnto them: why thynke ye soche thinges in youre hertſ?
2:9 whether ys it easyer to saye to the sicke of the palsey/ thy synnes ar forgevē the: or to saye/ aryse/ take vppe thy beed and walke?
2:10 That ye maye knowe that the sōne of man hath power in erth to forgeve siñes/ he spake vnto the sicke of the palsey:
2:11 I saye vnto the/ aryse and take vp thy beed/ and gett the hens in to thyne awne housse.
2:12 And by ād by he arose/ toke vp hys beed/ and wēt forth before them all. in so moche that they were all amased/ and glorified god sayinge: we never sawe it on thys fassion.
2:13 And he went out agayne vnto the see/ and all the people resorted vnto hym/ and he taught thē.
2:14 And as Iesus passed by/ he sawe levy the sonne of alphey/ syt att the receyte of custome/ and sayde vnto him: folowe me. And he arose and folowed hym.
2:15 And yt cam to passe/ as Iesus sate att meate in his housse/ many pubplicans and synners sate att meate also with Iesus and his disciples. For there were many that folowed him.
2:16 And when the scribs and pharises sawe him eate with publicans and synners/ they sayde vnto his disciples: howe is it/ that he eateth ād drynketh with publicans and synners?
2:17 when Iesus had herde that/ he sayd vnto them. The whole have no nede of the visiciō: but the sicke. I cā to cal the siñers to repentaunce/ and not the iuste.
2:18 And the disciples of Ihō and of the pharises did faste/ and they cā and sayde vnto him. Why do the disciples of Ihon and off the pharises faste/ and thy disciples fast nott.
2:19 And Iesus sayde vnto them: cā the chyldren of a weddinge faste/ whils the brydgrome is with them? As longe as they have the brydgrome with thē/ they cannot faste.
2:20 Butt the dayes wyll come whē the brydegrome shalbe taken from them/ and then shall they faste in thoose dayes.
2:21 Also no mā soweth a pece of newe cloth vnto an olde garmēt/ for thē taketh he awaye the newe pece from the olde/ and so is the rent worsse.
2:22 In lyke wyse/ no man poureth newe wyne in to olde vessellſ/ for yf he do the newe wyne breaketh the vesselles/ and the wyne rūneth out/ and the vessels are marde. Butt newe wyne must be poured in to newe vessellſ.
2:23 And it chaunsed that he wēt thorowe the corne feldes on the sabboth daye/ and his disciples as they went on their waye/ began to plucke the eares of corne/
2:24 And the pharises sayde vnto hī: Take hede why do they on the sabboth daye that which is vnlaufull?
2:25 And he sayde vnto thē: have ye never redde what David did/ whē he had nede/ and was anhōgred bothe he ād they that were with him?
2:26 howe they went into the housse of God in the dayes of Abiathar the hye preste/ and ate the halowed loves/ which is not laufull but for the prestſ only to eate: ād gave also to thē which were with him?
2:27 And he sayde to them: the saboth daye was made for man/ and nott man for the saboth daye.
2:28 Wherfore is the sōne of mā lorde even of the saboth daye.
The. iij. Chapter.
3:1 ANd he entred agayne into the synagog/ ād there was a man which had a widdred hōde:
3:2 and they watched him/ to se/ yf he wolde heale hī on the saboth daye/ that they myght accuse hym.
3:3 And he saide vnto the man whych had the widdred honde: aryse and stonde in the middes.
3:4 And he sayd to them: whether ys it laufull to do a good dede ō the saboth daye/ or an evyll? to save a mānes life/ or to kyll? Butt they helde their peace.
3:5 And he loked roundeaboute on them angrely mornynge on the blindnes of their herttſ/ And sayd to the man: stretch forth thyne honde. And he stretched it forth: And the honde was restored/ even as whole as the other.
3:6 The pharises departed/ and streyght waye gaddred a counsell with them that belonged to Herode agaynst hym/ that they myght destroye hī.
3:7 And Iesus avoyded with his disciples to the see: and a greate multitude folowed him frō galile and from Iewry/
3:8 ād from hierusalem/ and from Idumea/ and from beonde Iordane: and they that dwelled about Tyre and Sidō/ a greate multitude: which whē they hade herde what thynges he did/ cam vnto him.
3:9 And he cōmaunded his disciples/ that a shippe shulde wayte on him/ because off the people/ leste they shulde throunge hym.
3:10 for he had healed many/ in somoche that they preased apō hī/ for to touche hī/ as many as had plagſ
3:11 and whē the vnclene spritſ sawe him/ they fell doune before him/ and cryed sayinge: thou arte the sonne of God:
3:12 And he streyghtly charged thē that they shulde not vtter him.
3:13 And he went vppe into a moūtayne/ and called vnto him whom he wolde/ and they cam vnto hī.
3:14 And he ordeined the twelve that they shulde be with him/ and that he myght sende thē to preache.
3:15 And that they might have power to heale syknesses and to cast out devyllſ.
3:16 And he gave vnto Simon/ to name/ Peter.
3:17 And he called Iames the sōne of Zebede/ ād Ihon Iames brother/ ād gave thē bonarges to name/ which is to saye the sōnes of thounder.
3:18 And Andrewe and Philippe/ and Bartlemewe ād Mathewe/ and Thomas/ and Iames the sōne of Alphey/ and Taddeus/ and Symon of cane/
3:19 ād Iudas iscarioth/ whiche same also betrayed hym. And they came vnto housse/
3:20 and the people acsembled togedder agayne/ so greattly that they had nott leesar somoche as to eate breed.
3:21 And when they that longed vnto hym herde off it/ they went out to holde hym. For they sayde/ he ys to fervent.
3:22 And the scribes which came from Ierusalem/ sayde: he hath Beelzebub/ and by the power off the chefe devyll/ casteth out the vyllſ.
3:23 And he called them vnto hym/ and in similitudſ sayde vnto them. Howe can Satan drive out Satan?
3:24 And yf a realme be devided ageynste it silfe/ that realme cānot endure.
3:25 And if a housse be devided agaynste it silfe/ that housse cannot continue:
3:26 So yf Satā make insurreccion agaynste him silfe/ and be devided/ he cā not continue/ but hath an ende.
3:27 No mā can entre into a stronge mans housse/ and take awaye hys gooddſ/ excepte he fyrst bynde that strōge mā and thē spoyle hys housse.
3:28 Verely I saye vnto you that all synnes shalbe forgeven vnto mens chyldren: and blasphemy/ where with they blaspheme.
3:29 but he that blasphemeth the holy goost/ shall never have forgevenes: but is in daunger of eternall dampnacion.
3:30 For they sayde/ he had an vnclene sprete.
3:31 And there cam his mother and his brithren/ and stode with oute/ and sent vnto him and called hym:
3:32 and the people sate aboute hym/ and sayde vnto hym: beholde thy mother ād thy brethrē seke for the with out.
3:33 And he āswered them/ saynge: who ys my mother/ and my brethren?
3:34 And he loked roūde about ō his disciples/ which sate ī compasse about hym/ and sayde: beholde my mother/ and my brethren/
3:35 For who soever doeth the will off god/ he is my brother/ my syster and mother.
The. iiij. Chapter.
4:1 ANd he began agayne to teache then by the see syde. And there gadered to gedder vnto hym moche people/ so greatly that he entred in to a shippe/ and sate in the see/ and all the people was by the seesyde ō the shoore/
4:2 And he taught thē many thynges in similitudes/ and sayde vnto them in his doctrine:
4:3 Herkē to. Beholde/ The sower went forth to sowe/
4:4 and it fortuned as he sowed/ that some fell by the waye syde/ and the fowles off the ayre cam and devoured it vppe.
4:5 Some fell on a stony grounde: where it had not moche erth: and by and by sprāge vppe/ because it had not deepth of erth/
4:6 and as sone as the sun was vppe it caught heet: and because it had nott rotynge it wyddred awaye.
4:7 And some fell amōge the thornes/ and the thornes grewe vppe and choked it/ so that it gave no frute.
4:8 And some fell apon good grounde: ād did yelde frute that sprōge and grewe: ād brought forthe some thirty folde/ some fourty folde/ and some an hundred folde.
4:9 And he sayde vnto them: He that hath eares to heare/ lett hym heare.
4:10 When he was alone/ they that were/ aboute hym with the twelve axed hym of the similitude.
4:11 And he saide vnto thē: To you it is geven to knowe the mistery of the kyngdom of God/ But vnto them that are with out/ shall all thingſ be done in similitudſ:
4:12 that when they se/ they shall se/ and not discerne: and when they heare they shall heare/ ād not vnderstōde: leste at any tyme they shulde tourne/ and their synnes shulde be foryeven them.
4:13 And he sayde vnto them: Perceave ye not this similitude. And howe ye shall knowe all similitudes?
4:14 The sower soweth the worde.
4:15 These be they whiche are by the wayes syde/ where the worde is sowen/ to whom as sone as they have herde itt/ cōmeth the devyll and takith awaye the worde that was sowen in their hertſ.
4:16 And these also are they that are sowē on the stony groūde: which when they have herde the worde/ att once they receave it with ioye/
4:17 yett have no rote ī them selves/ and so endure but for a season: afterwarde as sone as eny trouble or persecucion ariseth for the wordes sake/ anon they fall.
4:18 And these are they that are sowen amonge the thornes/ which heare the worde of god/
4:19 ād the care of this worlde and the disseytfulnes of ryches/ ād the lustes of other thyngſ entre in/ and choocke the worde/ ād it is made vnfrutfull.
4:20 And these are they that are sowen ī good grounde/ which heare the worde and receave it/ and brynge forth frute: some thirty folde/ some sixty folde/ some an hundred folde.
4:21 And he sayde vnto them: is the candle lighted/ to be put vnder a busshell/ or vnder the borde? ys it not therfore lighted that it shulde be put on a cādelsticke?
4:22 For there is no thinge so prevy/ that shall nott be opened: nether so secreet/ butt that it shall come abroade.
4:23 Yf eny mā have eares to heare/ lett hī heare.
4:24 And he sayd vnto thē: take hede what ye heare. With what measure ye mete/ with the same shall it be measured vnto you agayne. And vnto you that have shall more be geven.
4:25 For vnto hym that hath/ shall it be geven: And from hym that hath nott/ shall be taken awaye/ even that he hathe.
4:26 And he sayd: so is the kyngdō of God/ even as yf a mā shulde sowe seede ī the grounde/
4:27 ād shuld slepe ād rise vp night ād daye: ād the seede shulde springe/ and growe vppe whyll he is not ware.
4:28 For the erth bryngeth forthe frute off her silfe/ first the blad/ thē the eares/ after that full corne in the eares.
4:29 As sone as the frute is brought forth/ anon he throusteth ī the sykell because that hervest is come.
4:30 And he sayde: where vnto shall we lyken the kyngdom off God? or with what compareson shall we compare it?
4:31 It is lyke a grayne off mustardseed/ which when it is sowen in the erth/ is the leest of all seedes that be in the erth:
4:32 And after that it is sowen it groweth vppe/ and is greatest of all yerbes: and bereth greate braunches so that the fowles off the ayre maye dwell vnder the shadowe of it.
4:33 And with many soche similitudſ he preached the worde vnto them/ after as they myght heare it.
4:34 And with out similitude spake he nothīge vnto them. But whē they were a parte/ he expounded all thingſ to his disciples.
4:35 And the same daye whē even was come he sayde vnto them: lett vs passe over into the other syde.
4:36 And they late the people departe ād toke hī even as he was in the shippe. There were also with hī other shippes.
4:37 And there arose a great storme of wynde/ ād dasshed the waves īto the shippe/ so that it was full.
4:38 And he was in the sterne a slepe on a pelowe. And they awoke hym/ and sayde vnto hym: Master/ carest thou nott that we perisshe?
4:39 And he rose vppe and rebuked the wynde/ and sayde vnto the see: peace and be still. And the wynde alayed/ and there folowed a greate calme:
4:40 and he sayde vnto them: why are ye fearfull? Howe is it that ye have no fayth?
4:41 And they feared excedīgly/ and sayde wō to another: what felowe is this? for booth wynde ād see obey hym.
The. v. Chapter.
5:1 ANd they cā over to the other syde off the see in to the countre of the gaderens.
5:2 And whē he was come out of the shippe/ anon mett hym out of the graves a man possessyd of an vnclene sprete/
5:3 which had his abydinge amōge the graves. And no man coulde bynde hym with cheynes/
5:4 be cause that whē he was often boūde with fetters and cheynes/ he plucked the chaynes asundre/ ād brake the fetters ī pecſ. Nether coulde eny mā tame hī.
5:5 And alwayes boothe nyght ād daye he cryed ī the moūtaynes ād ī the graves and bet hym silfe with stones.
5:6 Whē he had spied Iesus afarre of/ he rāne/ and worshipped him/
5:7 and cryed with a lowde voyce and sayde: what have I to do/ with the Iesus the sonneof the moost hyest god? I requyre the ī the name of god/ that thou torment me nott.
5:8 For he had sayd vnto hym/ Come forthe of the mā thou fowle sprete.
5:9 And he axed hym: what is thy name? and he anshwered hym/ my name is Legiōl/ for we are many.
5:10 And he prayd hym instātly/ that he wolde nott sende them awaye out of that region.
5:11 There was there nye vnto the mountayns a greate heerd of swyne fedinge/
5:12 ād all the devyls besought hym saynge: sende vs ī to the heerde off swyne/ that we maye enter ī to them.
5:13 And anon Iesus gave them leave/ And the vnclene spretſ went out and entred in to the swyne. And the heerd starteled/ and ran hedlyng into the see. They were a bout ij M. swyne/ ād they were drouned in the see.
5:14 And the swyne heerdſ fleed/ and tolde it in the cite/ and in the countre. And they cā out for to see/ what had hapened/
5:15 And they cam out to Iesus/ ād they sawe hym that was vexed with the fende and had the legiō sytt/ both clothed and in his right mynde and were a frayed.
5:16 And they that sawe it tolde them/ howe it had hapened vnto hym that was possessed off the devyll/ and also of the swyne.
5:17 And they began to praye hym/ that he wolde departe from their coostes.
5:18 And when he was come in to the shippe/ he that had the devyll prayed hym that he myght be with hym:
5:19 Iesus wolde not soffre hī but sayde vnto hī: goo home ī to thyne awne housse ād to thy frēdes/ ād shewe thē what thingſ the lorde hath done vnto the/ and howe he had compassion on the.
5:20 And he departed/ and began to publisshe in the ten cites/ what thingſ Iesus had done vnto hym/ and all men did merveyle.
5:21 And whē Iesus was come over agayne in the shippe vnto the other syde/ moche people gaddered vnto hym/ and he was nye vnto the see.
5:22 And beholde/ there cam vnto hym won of the rulers of the sinagogge/ whose name was Iairus: ād when he sawe hym/ he felle doune att his fete/
5:23 ād besought hym greatly/ saynge: my doughter lyith att poynt of deeth/ I wolde thou woldest come and ley thy honde on her/ that she myght be safe and live.
5:24 And he went with hym/ ād moche people folowed hym/ and thronge hym.
5:25 And there was a woman/ whiche was diseased off an yssue off bloude twelve yeres/
5:26 and had suffered many thingſ of many fisiciōs/ and had spent all that she had/ and felte none amendmēt at all/ But wexed worsse and worsse.
5:27 When she had herde off Iesus: she cam into the preace behynde hym/ and tewched hys garment.
5:28 For she sayde: Yf I maye butt tewche his clothinge/ I shall be whole.
5:29 And streyght waye her foūtayne of bloude was dreyed vppe/ ād she felt in her body/ that she was healed off the plage.
5:30 And Iesus immediatly felt in hī silfe/ the vertue that went out off hym/ and tourned hym roūde a boute in the preace/ and sayde: Who tewched my clothes?
5:31 And his disciples sayde vnto hym: thou seist the people thrustinge the ō every syde/ and yet sayest: who did tewche me?
5:32 And he loked round about/ ffor to se her thatt had done that thinge.
5:33 The woman feared and trembled/ for she knewe what was done with in her. And she cam and fell doune before hym ād tolde hym the trueth of every thīge.
5:34 And he sayde vnto her Doughter/ thy fayth hath saved the/ goo in peace/ and be whole off thy plage.
5:35 Whyll he yet spake/ there cam from the ruler of the synagogis housse/ certayne which sayde: thy doughter is deed: why deseasest thou the master eny further?
5:36 As sone as Iesus herde thatt worde spoken/ he sayde vnto the ruler of the synagoge: Be not afrayed/ only beleve.
5:37 And he suffred noman to folowe hym moo then Peter/ and Iames ād Ihon Iames brother.
5:38 And he cam vnto the housse of the ruler off the synagoge/ ād sawe the wondrynge and thē that wepte and wayled greatly/
5:39 And he wēt in and sayde vnto them: Why make ye this adoo ād wepe? The mayden is not deed/ but slepith.
5:40 And they lawght hym to scorne. Then he put them all out/ ād toke the father and the mother off the maydē/ and thē that were with hym/ and entred in where the maydē laye/
5:41 And toke the mayden by the honde/ ād sayde vnto her: Tabitha/ cumi: which is by īterpretacion: mayden I saye vnto the/ aryse.
5:42 And streight the maydē arose/ and went on her fete. For she was of the age of twelve yeres. And they were astonied at it out of measure.
5:43 And he chraged them straytely/ that no man shulde knowe off it. And commaunded to geve her meate.
The. vj. Chapter.
6:1 ANd he departed thēs/ and cā in to his awne coūtre/ and his disciples folowed hym.
6:2 And when the saboth daye was come/ he began to teache in the synagoge. And many thatt herde hym were astonyed/ ād sayde: Frō whens hath he these thīgſ? ād what wysdō is this that is geven vnto hī? ād suche vertues that are wrought by his hōdſ?
6:3 Ys not this that carpēter Marys sōne/ the brother off Iames/ ād Ioses ād Iuda and Simō? ād are not his sisters here with vs? And they were hurt by the reason of hī.
6:4 And Iesus sayde vnto thē: a prophet is not despysed but in his awne countre/ ād amonge his awne kynne/ and amonge them that are of the same houssholde.
6:5 And he coulde there shewe no myracles butt leyd his hondſ apon a feawe sicke foolke ād healed thē.
6:6 And he merveyled at their vnbelefe. And he went aboute by the tounes that lye in circuite/ teachynge.
6:7 And he called the twelve/ and began to sende them/ two and two/ ād gave them power over vnclene spretſ.
6:8 And cōmaunded them/ that they shulde take notthinge vnto their Iorney/ save a rodde ōly: Nether scrippe/ nether breed/ nether mony ī their pourses:
6:9 butt shoulde be shood with sandals. And that they shulde not put on two coottſ.
6:10 And sayd vnto thē: whersoever ye entre into an housse/ there abyde tyll ye departe thens.
6:11 And whosoever shall nott receave you/ nor heare you/ when ye departe thens/ shake of the duste that is vnder youre fete/ for a remembraūce vnto them. I saye verely vnto you/ itt shalbe easyer for Zodom and Gomor/ att the daye off iudgemēt/ thē for that cite.
6:12 And they went out and preached/ that they shulde repent:
6:13 and they caste out many devyllſ. And they annoynted/ many that were sicke with oyle and healed them.
6:14 And kynge Herode herde of him/ for his name was spreed abroade/ And he said: Ihō baptiste is risen agayne frō deeth/ and therfore myracles worke in hym.
6:15 Wother sayd/ it is helyas: and some sayde: it is a prophet/ or as won of the prophettſ.
6:16 But whē Herode herde of hī he sayd: it is Ihō whō I beheded/ he ys risen from deeth agayne.
6:17 For Herode him silfe/ had sent forth/ ād had taken Ihō/ and bounde hī and cast him īto preson for Herodyas sake which was hys brother Philippſ wyfe. For he had maried her.
6:18 Ihō said vnto herode: It is not laufull for the to have thy brothers wyfe.
6:19 Herodias layd waite for hī/ and wolde have killed him/ butt she coulde not.
6:20 For Herode feared Ihō/ knowynge that he was iuste and holy/ and gave hī reverēce/ And whē he herde hī he did many thīges/ ād herde hī gladly.
6:21 And when a convenyent daye was come. Herode ō hys birth daye made a supper to the lordes/ captayns/ ād chefe estatſ of galile.
6:22 And the doughter of the same Herodias cā in and daunsed/ and pleased Herode and them that sate att bourde also/ Thē the kīge sayd vnto the maydē: axe of me what thou wilt/ ād I will geve it the.
6:23 And he sware vnto her what soever thou shalt axe of me/ I will geve it the/ even vnto the one halfe of my kyngdom.
6:24 And she went forth and sayde to her mother: what shall I axe? And she sayde: Ihon baptistſ heed.
6:25 And she cā ī streight waye with haste vnto the kinge/ ād axed sayīge: I wyll/ that thou geve me by ād by in a charger the heed of Ihō baptist.
6:26 And the kīge was sory: yet for hys othes sake/ and for their sakſ which sate att supper also/ he wolde not put her besyde her purpost.
6:27 And immediatly the kynge sent the hangman and cōmaūded his heed to be brought in. And he went and beheeded him ī the preson/
6:28 and brought his heedde in a charger and gave hit to the mayden/ and the maydē gave it to her mother.
6:29 Whē his disciples herde of it/ they cam and toke vppe his body/ and put it in a toumbe.
6:30 And the apostles gaddered thē selves to geddre to Iesus/ ād tolde hī all thyngſ/ booth what they had done/ and what they had taught.
6:31 And he sayd vnto them: come ye aparte in to the wyldernes/ and rest a whyle. For there were many cōmers ād goers. And they hade no leasur wōs for to eate.
6:32 And he went by shippe asyde out off the waye īto a desertt place.
6:33 And the people spyed them when they departed: and many knewe hī/ and they hasted afote thether out of every cite/ and cā thyther before them/ And cam togedder vnto hym.
6:34 And Iesus went out and sawe moche people/ ād had cōpassiō on them/ be cause they were lyke shepe whych had no sheppherde. And he began to teache them many thingſ.
6:35 And whē the daye was nowe farre spent/ his disciples cam vnto him sayinge: thys ys a desert place/ ād nowe the daye ys farre passed/
6:36 lett thē departe/ that they maye goo ī to the countrey rounde about/ and in to the tounes/ and bye them breed: for they have nothinge to eate.
6:37 He answered and sayde vnto them: geve ye them to eate. And they sayde vnto hym: shall we goo and bye ij. C. penyworth of breed/ ād geve them to eate?
6:38 He sayde vnto them: howe many loves have ye? Goo and loke. And when they had serched/ they sayde: v. and .ij. fysshes.
6:39 And he cōmaunded thē to make them all sytt doune/ by companyes apō the grene grasse.
6:40 And they sate doune here a rowe and there arowe/ by houndredſ and by fyfties.
6:41 And he toke the v. loves and the .ij. fysshes and loked vppe to heven ād blest/ and brake the loves/ and gave them to hys disciples to put before them/ and the ij. fysshes he devyded a mon them all.
6:42 And they all ate/ and were satisfyed.
6:43 And they toke vppe twelve basketſ full off the gobbettſ and of the fysshes.
6:44 And they that ate were about fyve thousand men.
6:45 And streyght waye he caused hys disciples to goo into a shippe/ and to goo over the water before vnto bethsaida/ whill he sent awaye the people.
6:46 And as sone as he had sent them awey/ he departed into a mountaine to praye.
6:47 And when even was come/ the shippe was in the myddſ of the see/ and he alone on the londe/
6:48 and he sawe thē troubled in rowinge/ for the wynde was cōtrary vnto them. And aboute the fourth quartre of the nyght/ he cam vnto them/ walkinge apon the see/ and wolde have passed by thē.
6:49 Whē they sawe hī walkīge apō the see/ they supposed yt had bene a sprete/ and cryed oute:
6:50 For they all sawe hym/ and they were a frayed. And a non he talked with them/ and sayde vnto them: be of good chere/ it is I/ be not afrayed.
6:51 And he went vnto them into the shippe/ and the wynde ceased/ and they were sore amased in them selves beyonde measure/ and marveyled.
6:52 For they remembred nott off the loves/ because their hertſ were blynded.
6:53 And they cam over/ and went into the londe off genazareth/ and drue vp into the haven.
6:54 And as sone as they were come out off the shippe/ streyght they knewe hym/
6:55 and ran forth through out all the region rounde a about/ and began to cary aboute in beeddſ all that were sicke/ when they herde tell that he was there.
6:56 And whither soever he entred into the tounes/ or cites/ or vyllages/ they leyde their sicke in the stretes/ and prayed hyme/ thatt they myght touche and hit wer but the edge off hys vesture. And as many as touched hym were safe.
The. vij. Chapter.
7:1 ANd the pharises cam togedder vnto hym/ and dyvers off the scribſ which cam from Ierusalem.
7:2 And whē they sawe certayne of hys disciples eate breed with cōmen handes (that is to saye/ with vnwesshen hondſ) they complayned.
7:3 For the pharises/ ād all the Iewes/ excepte they washe their hādes ofte/ eate not/ observinge the tradicions of the seniours.
7:4 And whē they come from the markett/ except they washe them selves they eate not. And many other thīgſ there be/ which they have taken apon them to observe/ as the wasshīge of cuppes and cruses/ ād of brasen vessels/ and of tables.
7:5 Then axed hym the pharises and scribſ: why walke not thy disciples accordinge to the tradicions of the seniours/ butt eate breede with vnwesshē hondſ?
7:6 He answered and sayde vnto thē well prophesied hath Esayas of you ypocrytſ as it is writtē: This people honoreth me with their lyppes/ but their hert is farre frō me:
7:7 In vayne they worshippe me/ teachinge doctryns which are nothinge but the commandementſ off mē/
7:8 for ye laye the commandement of God aparte/ and ye observe the tradicions of men as the wessinge off cruses and off cuppes/ and many other suche lyke thinges ye do.
7:9 And he sayde vnto them: well/ ye putt awaye the commandement of God/ to mayntayne youre owne tradecions.
7:10 For Moses sayde: Honoure thy father ād thy mother: and whosoever sayeth evyll to his father or mother/ let hym dey for it.
7:11 But ye saye: a man shall saye to his father or mother Corban/ that is/ whatsoever thynge I offer/ that same doeth proffit the.
7:12 And ye soffre no more that a man do eny thynge for his father or mother/
7:13 and thus have ye made the cōmaundement off God off none effecte through youre awne tradicions which ye have ordeyned. And many soche thynges ye do.
7:14 And he called all the people vnto hym/ ād sayde vnto them: Herkē vnto me every one off you and vnderstonde:
7:15 there is no thynge with outt a man that can diffyle hym when hitt entreth in to hym/ but thoo thyngſ which procede out of a mā are those which defyle a mā.
7:16 Yf eny man have eares to heare/ let hym heare.
7:17 And whē he cā into a housse awaye frō the people/ his disciples axed hī of the similitude/
7:18 ād he sayd vnto thē: Do ye thē lacke vnderstōdīge: Do ye not yet perceave/ that whatsoever thinge frō with out ētreth into a mā/ hit can not defyle hym/
7:19 because hit ētrith not into his hert/ but into the belly: ād goeth out into the draught that porgeth oute all meates.
7:20 And he sayde that defileth a man whiche cometh oute of a man.
7:21 For from with in even oute off the herte off men/ proceade evyll thoughtes: advoutry/ fornicacion/ murder/
7:22 theeft/ coveteousnes/ wickednes/ diceyte/ vnclēnes/ ād a wicked eye/ blasphemy/ pryde/ folisshnes:
7:23 All these evyll thynges/ cō from with in/ ād defile a man.
7:24 And from thence he rose and wēt into the borders off Tire and Sidō/ and entred into ā housse/ and wolde that no man shulde have knowen off hym: Butt he culde nott be hid.
7:25 For a certayne woman whose doughter had a foule sprete when she herde off hym/ cam and fell doune att hys fete.
7:26 The woman was a greke out off sirophenicia/ and she besought hym that he wolde caste out the devyll out off her doughter.
7:27 Iesus sayde vnto her: lett the chyldren fyrst be feed. It ys nott mete/ to take the chyldrens breed/ and to caste itt vnto whelppſ.
7:28 She answered and sayde vnto hym: even soo master/ neverthelesse/ the whelppſ also eate vnder the table off the chyldrens cromes.
7:29 And he sayde vnto her: for thys sayinge goo thy waye/ the devyll ys gon out off thy doughter.
7:30 And when she was come home to her housse she founde the devylll departed/ and her doughter lyinge on the beed.
7:31 And he departed agayne from the coostes off Tyre and Sydon/ and cam vnto the see of Galile throwe the myddſ off the coostſ off the .x. cites/
7:32 And they brought vnto him won that was deffe/ and stambred in hys speche/ and prayde hym to laye hys honde apon hym.
7:33 And he toke hym a syde from the people/ and putt hys fyngers in hys eares/ and did spet/ and touched his tounge/
7:34 and loked vp to heven/ and syghed/ ād sayde vnto hym: ephatha that ys to saye/ be openned.
7:35 And streyght waye hys eares were openned/ and the stringe off hys toūge was loosed/ and he spake playne.
7:36 And he commaūded them that they shulde tell no man. Butt the more he forbad them/ soo moche the more a greate deale they pubblessed it.
7:37 And were beyonde measure astonyed/ sayinge: He hath done all thingſ well/ ād hath made booth the deffe to heare/ and the dom to speake.
The. viij. Chapter.
8:1 IN those dayes when there was a very greate companye/ and had nothinge to eate/ Iesus called hys disciples to hym/ and sayd vnto them:
8:2 my herte melteth on this people/ because they have nowe bene wyth me iij. dayes/ and have nothinge to eate:
8:3 And yf I shulde sende them awaye fastinge to their awne houses/ they shulde faynt by the waye. For dyvers of them cam from farre/
8:4 And hys disciples answered hym: from whence myght a man suffyse them with breed here in the wyldernes?
8:5 And he axed them: howe many loves have ye? They sayde: seven.
8:6 And he cōmaunded the people to sitt doune on the grounde. And he toke the .vij. loves/ gave thankſ/ brake/ and gave to hys disciples/ to set be fore them. And they sett them before the people.
8:7 And they had a feawe smale fysshes/ and he blessed them and cōmaunded them also to be sett before them/
8:8 They ate and were suffysed/ and they toke vp off the broben meate that was lefte/ vij. basketſ full.
8:9 They that ate were in nomber aboute fowre thousandt. And he sent them awaye.
8:10 And a non he toke shippe whith his disciples/ and cam in to the parties of dalmanutha.
8:11 And the pharises cā forth/ and began to dispute whith hym/ and sought of hym a signe from heven temptinge him/
8:12 and he syghed in his sprete and sayde: why doth thys generacion seke a signe? Verely I saye vnto you/ there shall no signe be geven vnto thys generacion.
8:13 And he lefte them and went into the shippe agayne/ and departed over the water.
8:14 And they had forgottē to take breed with thē/ nether had they ī the shippe with them more thē one loofe.
8:15 And he charged them sayinge: take hede/ beware of the leven of the pharises/ and the leven of Herode.
8:16 And they reasoned amonge thē selves saynge: we have no breed.
8:17 And when Iesus knewe that he sayde vnto them: why take ye thought be cause ye have no bread? perceave ye not yet/ nether vnderstonde? Have ye your herttſ yett blynded?
8:18 Have ye eyes and se nott? and have ye eares and heare not? Do ye nott remēber?
8:19 When I brake v. loves a monge .v. M. men/ Howe many baskettſ full of broken meate toke ye vpp? They sayde vnto him xij.
8:20 When I brake vij a mōge iiij M. howe many baskettſ of the levingſ of broken meate toke ye vp? They sayde vij.
8:21 And he sayde vnto them: howe is it that ye vnderstonde not?
8:22 And he cam to bethsayda/ and they brought a blynde man vnto him and desyred hym/ to touche hī.
8:23 And he caught the blinde by the honde/ and ledd hym out off the toune/ and spat in hys eyes and put hys hondſ apon hym/ and axed hī yf he sawe eny thinge/
8:24 and he loked vp ād sayde: I se mē/ For I se them walke as they were trees.
8:25 After that he put his hondſ agayne apon his eyes/ and made hym see. And he was restored to his sight/ and sawe every mā clerly.
8:26 And he sent hym home to his awne housse sayīge: nether goo into the toune/ nor tell it to eny in the toune.
8:27 And Iesus wēt out and his disciples into the tounes that longe to the cite called Cesarea Philippi/ and by the waye he axed his disciples sayinge: whom do mē saye that y am?
8:28 They answered: some saye that thou arte Ihon Baptiste: some saye Helyas/ and some one off the prophetſ.
8:29 And he sayde ūto thē: But whō saye ye that I am? Peter answered and sayd vnto hym: Thou arte very Christe.
8:30 And he charged thē/ that they shulde tell no man off it.
8:31 And he began to declare vnto them/ howe that the sonne of man muste suffre many thyngſ/ and shulde be reproved off the seniours and off the hye prestes ād scrybes/ and shulde be kylled/ and after thre dayes aryse agayne.
8:32 And he spake that sayinge openly. And Peter toke hym a syde/ and began to chyde hym.
8:33 He tourned a boute/ and loked on his disciples/ and rebuked Peter sayinge: Goo after me Satā. For thou saverest not the thynges off God: But the thynges off men.
8:34 And he called the people vnto hym/ with his disciples also/ and sayd vnto them: Whosoever wyll folowe me/ lett hym forsake hym silfe/ and take vp his crosse/ and folowe me.
8:35 For whosoever wyll save his lyfe/ shall lose it. But whosoever shall loso his lyfe for my sake ād the gospels/ the same shall save it.
8:36 What shal it profet a mā/ yf he shulde wyn all the worlde/ and loose his awne soule?
8:37 or els what shall a mā geve/ to redeme his soule agayne?
8:38 Whosoever therfore shall be asshamed off me and off my wordſ/ amonge this advoutrous and sinfull generacion: of hym shall the sonne of man be ashamed/ when he cōmeth in the glory of his father with the holy angels.
The. ix. Chapter.
9:1 And he sayde vnto thē: Verely I saye vnto you: There be some off them that stonde here/ which shall not taste of deeth/ tyll they have sene the kyngdom off God come with power.
9:2 ANd after .vj. dayes Iesus toke Peter/ Iames/ and Ihon and leede them vp in to an hye moūtayne out of the waye alone/ ād he was transfigured before them.
9:3 And his rayment did shyne/ and was made very whyte/ even as snowe: so whyte as noo fuller cā make apon the erth.
9:4 And there apered vnto them Helyas with Moses: And they talked with Iesu.
9:5 And Peter answered and sayde to Iesu: Master/ here is good beinge for vs/ let vs make .iij. tabernacles/ one for the/ one for Moses/ ād one for Helyas.
9:6 And wist not what he sayde. For they were afrayde.
9:7 And there was a cloude that shaddowed them. And a voyce cam out of the cloude saynge: This ys my dere sonne/ here hym.
9:8 And sodenly/ they loked rounde aboute them/ and sawe no mā more/ but Iesus only.
9:9 As they cam doune from the hill/ he charged them/ that they shulde tell no mā what they had sene/ tyll the sonne of man were risen from deeth agayne.
9:10 And they kepte that saynge with in thē/ and demaunded won of another/ what that rysinge frō deeth agayne shulde meane?
9:11 And they axed hym sayinge: why then saye the scribſ/ that Helyas muste fyrste come?
9:12 He āswered and sayde vnto thē: Helyas at his fyrste cōmynge/ shall brynge all thyngſ agayne into good order: And even so ys it wrytten off the sonne off man/ that he shall suffre many thinges/ and shall be set att nought.
9:13 And I saye vnto you/ thatt Helyas ys come/ ād they have done vnto hym whatsoever pleased them/ as it is wrytten off hym.
9:14 And he cam to his disciples/ and sawe moche people aboute them/ and the scribes disputinge with them.
9:15 And streyght waye all the people behelde hym and were amased/ and ran to hym/ and saluted hym.
9:16 And he sayde vnto the scribes: What dispute ye with them?
9:17 And won of the cōpanye answered and sayde: Master/ I have brought my sonne vnto the/ which hath a dom spirite/
9:18 And whensoever he taketh hym/ he teareth hym/ and he fometh/ and gnassheth with his tethe/ and pyneth awaye. And I spake to thy disciples that they shulde caste hym out/ and they coulde nott.
9:19 He answered hī ād sayd: O generaciō without faight/ howe lōge shall y be with you. Howe lōge shall y suffre you? brīge him vnto me.
9:20 And they brought hī vnto hī. And as sone as the sprete sawe him/ he tare him. And he fell doune on the groūde walowinge: And fomynge.
9:21 And he axed his father: howe longe is it a goo/ sens this hath happened hym? And he sayde/ of a chylde.
9:22 And ofte tymes casteth hym in to the fyre/ and also in to the water/ to destroye hym. Butt yff thou canste do eny thynge/ have mercy on vs/ and helppe vs.
9:23 Iesus sayde vnto hī: ye yf thou couldest beleve/ all thyngſ are possyble to hym that belevith.
9:24 And streyght waye the father off the chylde cryed with teares sayinge: Lorde I beleve/ sucker myne vnbelefe.
9:25 When Iesus sawe that the people cam runnynge togedder vnto hym/ he rebuked the foule sprete/ sayinge vnto hym: Thou dom and deffe sprete/ I charge the come out of hym/ and entre no more in to hym.
9:26 And the sprete cryed/ ād rent him sore/ and cam out: And he was as won that had bene deed/ in so moche that many sayde/ he is deed.
9:27 Butt Iesus caught hys honde/ and lyfte hym vpp/ and he roose.
9:28 And when he was come in to the housse/ his disciples axed him secretly: why coulde nott we caste hym out?
9:29 And he sayde vnto them: thys kynde can by no nother meanes come forth/ but by prayer and fastynge.
9:30 And they departed thens/ and toke there iorney thorowe galile/ and wolde not/ that eny mā shulde have knowē itt.
9:31 For he taught hys disciples/ and sayde vnto them: The sonne off man shalbe delyvered in to the hondſ off men/ and they shall kyll hym/ and after that he ys kylled he shall aryse agayne the thryd daye.
9:32 Butt they wiste nott what that sayinge meant/ and were affrayed to axe hym.
9:33 And he cam to Capernaū/ and when he was come to housse/ he sayde to them: what was that ye disputed bytwene you by the waye?
9:34 And they helde their peace (for by the waye they reasoned amōge them selves/ who shulde be the chefest)
9:35 And he sate doune/ and called the twelve vnto hym/ and sayd to them: yf eny man desyre to be fyrst/ the same shalbe last off all/ and servaunt vnto all.
9:36 And he toke a chylde and sett hym in the myddſ of them/ and toke hym in hys armes and sayde vnto them:
9:37 Whosoever receave eny soche a chylde ī my name/ he receaveth me: And whosoever receaveth me/ receaveth not me/ but him that sent me.
9:38 Ihon answered him/ sayinge: master/ we sawe won castinge out devyls in thy name/ which foloweth not vs/ and we forbade hym/ because he foloweth vs nott.
9:39 But Iesus sayde: forbid hym nott. For there ys no mā that shall do a myracle in my name/ and can speake lightly evyll of me.
9:40 Whosoever is not agaynste you/ is on youre parte.
9:41 And whosoever shall geve you a cuppe off water to drinke for my nams sake be cause ye are belongynge to christe/ verely I saye vnto you/ he shall nott loose his rewarde.
9:42 And whosoever shall hourte wō of this litell wons/ that beleve in me/ it were better for him/ that a myll stone were hanged aboute his necke/ and that he were cast in to the see.
9:43 And yf thy hāde offende the/ cut hym of. Itt ys better for the/ to entre into lyffe maymed/ thē to goo/ with two hondſ in to hell/ ī to fire that never shalbe quenched/
9:44 where there worme dyeth nott/ and the fyre never goeth oute.
9:45 And yf thy fote offende the/ cut hym of. It is better for the to goo halt in to lyfe/ then with ij. fete to be cast into hell/ into fyre that never shalbe quenched:
9:46 where there worme dyeth not/ ād the fyre never goeth oute?
9:47 And yf thyne eye offende the plucke hym oute. Itt ys better for the to goo in to the kyngdō of god with one eye/ then havynge two eyes to be caste into hell fyre:
9:48 where their worme dyeth nott/ and the fyre never goeth oute.
9:49 Every man therfore shalbe salted with fyre: And every sacryfyse shalbe seasoned with saltt.
9:50 Salt ys good. But yf the salt be vnsavery: what shall ye salte there with? Se that ye have saltt in youre selves. And have peace amonge youre selves/ one with another.
The. x. Chapter.
10:1 ANd he rose from thens/ and went in to the coostes of Iewry through the regyon that ys beyonde iordā. And the people resorted vnto hym afresshe: And as he was wont he taught them agayne.
10:2 And the pharyses cam and axed hym a question: whether it were laufull for a mā to putt awaye hys wyfe. To prove hym.
10:3 He answered ād said vnto thē: what did Moses bid you do?
10:4 And they sayde: Moses suffred to wryte a testimoniall of her divorsment/ and to putt her awaye.
10:5 And Iesus answered/ and sayd vnto thē: For because of youre harde herttſ he wrote thys precepte vnto you.
10:6 But at the fyrst creacion/ god made them man and woman/ sayinge:
10:7 for thys thingſ sake shall a man leve father and mother/ and byde by his wyfe/
10:8 and .ij. shalbe made won flesshe. So then are they nowe nott twayne/ but won flesshe/
10:9 therfore that whych god hath cuppled/ let nott man separate.
10:10 And in the housse his disciples axed him agayne of that mater.
10:11 And he sayde vnto thē: Whosoever putteth awaye his wyfe/ and maryeth another/ breaketh wedlocke to her warde.
10:12 And yf a womā forsake her husband/ and be maryed to another/ she cōmitteth advoutry.
10:13 And they brought chyldren to hym that he shoulde touche thē. And hys disciples chid thoose that brought them.
10:14 When Iesus sawe that/ he was displeased/ and sayd vnto them: Suffre the chyldren to come vnto me ād forbid thē not. For vnto suche belongeth the kīgdō of god.
10:15 Verely I saye to you/ whosoever shall not receave the kyngdō of god as a chylde/ he shall not entre therin.
10:16 And he toke them vppe in his armes/ ād putt his hondſ apon them/ and blessed them.
10:17 And whē he was come out into the waye/ there cam won runninge ād kneled to hī/ and axed hī: Goode master/ what shall I do/ that I maye enheret eternall lyfe?
10:18 Iesus said vnto hī: why callest thou me goode? there is no man goode but won/ whych ys god.
10:19 Thou knowest the cōmaundmētſ. breake not matrimony/ kyll not/ steale nott/ bere no falce wytnes/ defraude no mā/ honore thy father ād thy mother/
10:20 He answered ād said to hī: master/ all theese I have observed frō my youth.
10:21 Iesus behelde hī/ ād had a favour to hī/ ād said vnto hī: Wō thīge is lackīg vnto the Goo/ and sell all that thou hast/ and geve itt to the povre/ ād thou shalt have treasure in hevē/ and come and folowe me/ and take thy crosse on the.
10:22 But he was discūforted with that sayinge/ and went awaye mornynge/ for he had greate possessions.
10:23 And Iesus loked roūde aboute/ and sayd vnto hys disciples: with what difficulte shall they that have ryches entre into the kingdom of god.
10:24 Hys disciples were astōnyed att hys wordes. Iesus answered agayne/ and sayde vnto them: chyldren/ howe harde is it for them/ that truste in their ryches/ to entre in to the kyngdō off god.
10:25 Hit ys easyer for a camell to go thorowe the eye of an nedle/ thē for a ryche man to entre into the kyngdom of god.
10:26 And they were astonnyed out of measure/ sayinge betwene thē selves: who thē can be saved?
10:27 Iesus loked apō them/ and sayd: with men it is vnpossible/ but not with god: for with god all thingſ are possible.
10:28 And Petre began to saye vnto hym: Loo/ we have forsaken all/ and have folowed the.
10:29 Iesus answered and sayde: Verely I saye vnto you/ there ys no man that hath forsaken housse/ or brethren/ or sisters/ or father/ or moder/ or wyfe/ other chyldren/ or londes/ for my sake and the gospellſ/
10:30 whych shall nott receave an houndred foolde nowe in thys lyfe/ houses/ and brethrē/ and sisters/ and mothers and childē/ and londſ whith persecucions/ and in the worlde to come eternall lyfe.
10:31 Many that are fyrst/ shalbe last. And the last fyrst.
10:32 They were in the waye goinge vppe to Ierusalem. And Iesus wēt before them/ and they were amased/ and as they folowed/ were affrayde. And Iesus toke the xij. agayne/ and began to tell them what thingſ shulde happen vnto him.
10:33 Beholde we goo vppe to Ierusalem/ and the sōne off man shalbe delyvred vnto the hye preestſ and vnto the stribbſ/ and they shall condempne hym to deeth/ and shall delyvre hym to the gentyls/
10:34 and they shall mocke hym/ ād scourge him and spit apon hym/ and kill him/ and the thirde daye he shall ryse agane.
10:35 And Iames and Ihon the sons off Zebede/ cam vnto hym/ sayinge: master/ we wolde that thou shuldest do for vs what soever we desyre.
10:36 He sayde vnto them: what wolde ye I shulde do vnto you?
10:37 They sayd vnto hym: graunt vnto vs that we maye sitt won on thy right honde/ and the other on thy lyfte honde/ in thy glory.
10:38 Butt Iesus sayd vnto them: Ye wot not what ye axe. Can ye dryncke of the cuppe/ that I shall drynke of? And be baptised ī the baptī that I shalbe baptised in?
10:39 And they sayd vnto him: that we can. Iesus sayde vnto them: ye shall drynke off the cuppe that I shall drynke of/ ād be baptised with the baptim that I shalbe baptised in:
10:40 But to sitt on my right honde and on my lifte honde/ ys not myne to geve/ but to them for whom it ys prepared.
10:41 And when the .x. herde that/ they begā to disdayne at Iames and Ihon.
10:42 Butt Iesus called thē vnto him/ and sayd to them: Ye knowe wele that they whych seme to beare rule amonge the gentyls/ raygne as lordſ over thē. And they that be greate men amonge them exercyse auctorite over them.
10:43 So shall it not be a monge you but wosoever of you wilbe greate amonge you shalbe youre mīster.
10:44 And wosoever wilbe chefe/ shalbe servaunt vnto all.
10:45 For even the sonne of man came/ nott that other shulde minister vnto hym: but to minister/ and to geve his lyfe for the redempcion of many.
10:46 And they cam to hierico/ and as he went oute off hierico/ with his disciples and a greate nōbre of people: Barthimeus the sonne of Thimeus which was blynde/ sate by the hye wayes syde beggynge.
10:47 And when he herde that it was Iesus off nazareth/ he began to crye/ and to saye: Iesus the sonne off David/ have mercy on me.
10:48 And many rebuked hyme/ be cause he shulde hoolde is peace. But he cryed the moore a greate deale/ thou sonne off David have mercy on me.
10:49 And Iesus stode still/ and commaunded hym co be called/ and they called the blynde/ saynge vnto hym: be off good comfort ryse he calleth the.
10:50 He threwe awaye his clooke/ and roose and cam to Iesus/
10:51 And Iesus answered/ and sayd vnto hym: what wilt thou that I do vnto the? The blynde sayde vnto hym: master/ that y myght see.
10:52 Iesus sayd vnto hym: goo thy waye/ thy fayght hath saved the/ And by ād by he receaved his sight/ and folowed Iesus in the waye.
The. xj. Chapter.
11:1 ANd whē they cam nye to hierusalem/ vnto bethphage/ ād bethani/ besydſ moūt olivte/ he sent forth .ij. of his disciples/
11:2 ād sayde vnto them: Goo youre wayes into the toune that is over agaynste you/ And as sone as ye ētre into it ye shall fynde a coolte boūde/ where ō never man sate: loose hym ād brynge hym hidder,
11:3 ād if eny man saye vnto you: why do ye soo? saye that the lorde hath neade of hī/ ād streight waye he wyll sende hym hidder.
11:4 They wēt their waye/ and found a coolte tyed by the dore with out in a place were two wayes mett/ ād they losed hym.
11:5 And divers of them that stode there/ sayd vnto them: what do ye loosynge the coolte?
11:6 ād they sayd vnto them: even as Iesus had commaunded them. And they let them goo.
11:7 And they brought the coolte to Iesus/ ād caste their garmēſ on hym/ and he sate apon hym.
11:8 And many spreede there garmentſ in the waye. other cutt doune braunches of the trees/ and strawed them ī the waye.
11:9 And they that went before and they that folowed/ cryed/ saynge: Hosianna: blessed be he that cometh in the name off the lorde.
11:10 Blessed be the kyngdom that commeth in the name off hym that is lorde off oure father David. Hosianna in the hyest.
11:11 And the lorde entred into hierusalem/ and into the temple. And whē he had loked roundabout apon all thingſ/ and nowe the even tyde was come he went out vnto bethany with the twelve.
11:12 And on the morowe whē they were come out frō bethany/ he hungred/
11:13 and he spyed a fygge tree a farre off/ havinge leves/ and went to se whether he myght fynde eny thīge there on: but whē he cam there to/ he founde nothinge butt leves. For the tyme off fyggſ was nott yet.
11:14 And Iesus answered and sayd to it: never man eate frute of the here after whill the worlde stōdith. And his disciples herde it.
11:15 And they cam to hierusalem/ and Iesus wēt into the temple/ and began to cast out them which soolde and bought in the tēple. And overthrewe the tabels of the money chaungers/ and the stoles of thē that soolde doves.
11:16 ād wolde not suffre that eny mā caried a vessell thorowe the temple.
11:17 And he taught saynge vnto them/ ys it not writtē/ howe that myne housse shalbe called the housse of prayer vnto all naciōs? Butt ye have made it a deen of theves.
11:18 And the scribſ and hye prestſ herde yt and sought howe to distroye him. For they feared hym be cause all the peple marveld at his doctrine.
11:19 And when even was come/ he went out of the cite.
11:20 And in the mornynge as they passed by/ they sawe the fygge tree dryed vppe by the rotes.
11:21 And Peter remembred/ and sayd vnto hym: master/ beholde/ the fygge tree which thou cursedſ/ ys widdred awaye.
11:22 And Iesus answered/ and sayde vnto them: Have confidens in god.
11:23 Verely I sye vnto you/ that whosoever shall saye vnto this mountayne: take awaye thy silfe/ ād cast thy silfe in to the see/ and shall not waver in his herte/ butt shall beleve that thoose thingſ which he sayeth shall come to passe/ what soever he sayeth shalbe done vnto hī.
11:24 Therfore I saye vnto you/ what soever ye desyre whē ye praye/ beleve that ye shall have it ād it shalbe done vnto you.
11:25 And whē ye stōd ād praye/ foryeve yf ye have eny thīge agaynste eny mā that youre father also which is in heven/ maye foryeve you youre trespases.
11:27 And they cam againe to hierusalem/ and as he walked in the temple/ there cā to hym the hye prestes/ and the scribes/ and the seniours/
11:28 and sayd vnto hym: by what auctorite doest thou these thingſ? ād who gave the this auctorite/ to do these thingſ?
11:29 Iesus answered/ and sayde vnto thē: I wyll also axe of you a certeyne thynge/ ād answere ye me/ and I wyll tell you by what auctorite I do these thingſ.
11:30 Whether was the baptim of Ihon from hevī/ or of men? Answer me.
11:31 And they thought in them selves/ saynge: Yf we shall saye/ from heven. he will saye: why thē did ye not beleve hym?
11:32 but yf we shall saye/ of men/ then feare we the people. For all men counted Ihon/ that he was a veri prophett.
11:33 And they āswered/ and sayd vnto Iesu: we cānot tell. And Iesus answered/ and sayd vnto thē: nether wyll I tell you/ by what auctorite I do these thyngſ.
The. xij. Chapter.
12:1 ANd he began to speake vnto them in similitudes. A certayne mā planted a vyneyarde/ and compased it with an hedge/ and ordeyned a wyne presse/ and bilt a toure in hytt/ and lett it out to hyre vnto husbandemen/ and went into a straunge coūtre.
12:2 And when tyme was come he sentt to the tennauntſ a servaunt that he myght of the tenauntſ receave of the frute of the vyneyarde.
12:3 And they caught hym and bett hym and sentt hym agayne empty.
12:4 And mooreover he sentt vnto them another servaūt/ and at hym they cast stones and brake hys heed/ ād sent him agayne all to revyled.
12:5 And agayne he sentt another/ and hym they kylled: and many other/ beetynge some/ and kyllinge some.
12:6 Yet had he one sonne whom he loved tenderly/ him also sent he att the last vnto them/ sayinge: they wyll feare my sonne.
12:7 Butt the tenauntſ sayde with in them selves: Thys ys the heyre/ come lett vs kill him/ and the inheritaūce shalbe oures.
12:8 And they toke him and killid him/ and cast hym out of the vyneyarde.
12:9 What shall then the lorde of the vyneyarde do? He will come and distroye the tenauntſ/ and let out the vyneyarde to other.
12:10 Have ye nott redde thys scripture? the stoone which the bylders did refuse/ ys made the chefe stoone in the corner:
12:11 Thys was done off the lorde/ and ys merveyllous ī oure eyes.
12:12 And they went about to take hym/ butt they feared the people. For they perceaved that he spake that similitude agaynst them. And they left hym and went their waye.
12:13 And they sent vnto hym certayne off the pharises with Herodes servauntſ/ to take hym in hys wordſ.
12:14 And as sone as they were come/ they sayd vnto hym: master/ we knowe that thou arte true/ and careste for no man: For thou consydereste nott the degre off men/ butt teacheste the waye off god truly: Ys yt laufull to paye tribute to Cesar/ or nott?
12:15 ought we to geve/ or ought we nott to geve? He knewe their dissimulacion/ and sayd vnto them: Why tempte ye me? Brynge me a peny/ that I maye se yt.
12:16 And they brought hym one. And he sayde vnto them: Whose ys thys ymage and superscripcion? And they sayde vnto hym/ Cesars.
12:17 And Iesus answered/ and sayde vnto them: Then geve to Cesar that which belongeth to Cesar: And geve God that which perteyneth to God. And they mervelled att hym.
12:18 And the saduces cam vnto hym/ which saye/ there is no resurrection. And they axed hym/ sayinge:
12:19 Master/ Moses wroote vnto vs/ yff eny mans brother dye/ ād leve his wyf/ behynde hī/ and leve no chyldrē: that thē hys brother shulde take his wyfe/ and reyse vppe seed vnto his brother.
12:20 There were seven brethrē and the fyrst toke a wyfe/ and whē he dyed leeft no seede behinde hym.
12:21 And the secōde toke her/ ād dyed: nether leeft he eny seede/ and the thyrde lyke wyse.
12:22 And seven had her/ and leeft no seed behynde them. Last of all the wyfe dyed also.
12:23 In the resurreciō thē/ whē they shall ryse agayne: whose wyfe shall she be of them? For seven had her to wyfe.
12:24 Iesus answered/ and sayde vnto them: Are ye not therfore deceaved be cause ye knowe not the scrypturſ? Nether the power of God?
12:25 For whē they shall ryse agayne from deeth/ they nether mary/ nor are maryed: butt are as the angels which are in heven.
12:26 As touchynge the deed/ that they shall ryse agayne: have ye nott redde in the boke off Moses/ howe in the busshe God spake vnto him sayinge: I am the God of Abraham/ and the God of Ysaac/ and the God of Iacob?
12:27 He is not the god of the deed/ butt the god of the livynge/ ye are therfore greatly deceaved.
12:28 And ther cam wō off the scrybſ/ ād when he had herde them disputynge to gedder/ and perceaved that he had answered them well/ he axed hym: Which is the fyrste of all the commaundementſ?
12:29 Iesus āswered hym: The fyrste of all the commaundemētſ is. Heare Israhel/ oure lorde God/ is wone lorde.
12:30 And thou shaltt love thy lorde God with all thy hert/ ād with all thy soule/ and with all thy mynde/ and with all thy strengthe. This is the fyrste commaundemēt.
12:31 And the secōde is lyke vnto this. Thou shalt love thy neghbour/ as thy silfe. There is none other commaundement greater then these.
12:32 And the scribe sayde vnto hym: well master/ thou hast sayde the truthe/ thatt there ys one God/ and that there is none but he.
12:33 And to love hym with all the herte/ and with all the mynde/ and with all the soule/ ād with all the strēgthe. And to love a mans nehbour as hym silfe/ ys a greater thynge then all holocaustſ and sacrifises.
12:34 And when Iesus save howe that he answered discretly/ he sayd vnto hym: Thou arte not farre from the kyngdom̃ of god. And no mā after that durst axe hym eny question.
12:35 And Iesus answered/ and sayd teachynge in the tēple: howe saye the scribſ/ that christ is the sonne off David?
12:36 for David hym silfe inspyred with the holy goost sayd: The lorde sayde to my lorde/ sytt on my right honde tyll I make thyne enemys thy fote stole.
12:37 Thē David hym silfe calleth hym lorde/ and by what meanes ys he then his sonne? And moche people herde hym gladly.
12:38 And he sayd vnto them in his doctrine: be ware off the scribſ which love to goo in longe/ clothynge: and love salutacions in the market places/
12:39 and the chefe seates in the sinagogſ/ and to sit in the vppermost roumes att feastes/
12:40 and devoure widowes houses/ and vnder a colour praye longe prayers. These shall have greater damnacion.
12:41 And Iesus sat over agaynst the treasury/ ād behelde howe the people putt money into the treasury. And many that were ryche/ cast in moch.
12:42 And there cā a certayne povre widowe/ and she threwe in two mytes/ whiche make a farthynge.
12:43 And he called vnto hym his disciples/ and sayd vnto them: Verely I saye vnto you/ that thys povre widowe hath cast moare in/ then all they which have caste into the treasury.
12:44 For they all putt in off their superfluite: But she off her poverte/ cast in all that she had/ evē all her livynge.
The xiij. Chapter.
13:1 ANd as he went out of the temple/ wō of his disciples sayd vnto hym: Master/ se what stones/ and what bildyngſ are here.
13:2 And Iesus answered/ and sayde vnto hym: Seist thou these greate byldyngſ? There shall not be leefte one stone apon a nother/ that shall not be throwen doune.
13:3 And as he sate on mounte olivete over ayenst the tēple/ Peter and Iames and Ihon and Andrew axed hym secretly/
13:4 tell vs whē these thingſ shalbe? And what is the signe/ whē all these thingſ shalbe fulfilled?
13:5 And Iesus answered them/ and began to saye: Take hede lest eny mā deceave you.
13:6 For many shall come in my name sayinge: I am Christ/ And shall deceave many.
13:7 When ye shall heare off warre/ and tydingſ off warre/ be ye not troubled. For they muste nedes be. Butt the ende is nott yett.
13:8 For there shall nacion aryse agaynste nacion/ and realme agaynste realme. And there shalbe erthquakes/ in all quarters/ and famysshment/ and troubles. These are the begynnynge off sorowes.
13:9 Butt take ye hede to youre selves. For they shall brynge you vppe to the counsels and into the synagoggſ/ and ye shalbe beeten/ and ye shalbe brought before rulers and kyngſ/ for my sake/ for a testimoniall vnto them.
13:10 And the gospell muste fyrste be publysshed amonge all nacions.
13:11 Butt when they leade you and presentt you take noo thought/ afore honde what ye shall saye/ nether ymagion: butt whatsoever is geven you att the same tyme/ that speake. For it shall nott be ye that shall speake/ butt the holy goost.
13:12 Ye and the brother shall delyvre the brother to deeth. And the father the sonne/ And the chyldren shall ryse agaynste their fathers and mothers/ and shall putt them to deeth.
13:13 And ye shalbe hated off all men for my names sake. Butt whosoever shall endure vnto the ende shalbe safe.
13:14 Moreover when ye se the abominable desolacion/ where off is spoken by Daniel the prophete/ stonde were itt ought nott/ let hym that redeth it vnderstonde itt. Then let them be in iewry/ fle to the mountaynes.
13:15 And let hym that is on the housse toppe/ nott descende doune into the housse/ nether entre there in/ to fetche eny thnge oute off his housse.
13:16 And lett hym thatt is in the felde/ not tourne backe agayne vnto tho thynges which he leefte behynde hym/ for to take his cloothes with hym.
13:17 Butt woo is then to them that are with chylde/ ād to them that geve soucke in thoose dayes.
13:18 But praye/ that youre flyght be not in the wynter.
13:19 For there shalbe in those dayes suche tribulacion/ as was not from the begynnynge off creatures/ which God created/ vnto this tyme/ nether shalbe.
13:20 And excepte that the lord had shortened those dayes/ no man shulde be saved/ But for the electſ sake/ which he hath chosen/ he hath shortened thoose dayes.
13:21 And then/ yff eny man saye vnto yno: loo/ here is Christ/ loo/ he is there/ beleve nott.
13:22 For falce christſ shall aryse/ and falce prophetſ/ And shall shewe myracles ād wonders/ to deceave yf it were possible/ evyn the electe.
13:23 But take ye hede/ beholde I have shewed you all thingſ before.
13:24 Moreover in thoose dayes after that tribulacion/ the sunne shall wexe darke/ and the Mone shall not geve her light/
13:25 and the starres off hevē shall fall/ And the powers which are in heven/ shall move.
13:26 And thē shall they se the sonne of mā cōmynge in the cloudes/ with greate power and glory.
13:27 And then shall he sende his angels/ and shall gaddre to gedder his electe from the fouare wyndes/ and from the one ende off the worlde to the other.
13:28 Learne a similitude of the fygge tree. When his braunches are yett tender/ ād hath brought forthe leves/ ye knowe/ that sommer ys neare.
13:29 So in lyke maner when ye se these thinges come to passe/ vnderstond/ that it ys nye even att the dores.
13:30 Verely I saye vnto you/ that thys generacion shall nott passe tyll all these thyngſ be done.
13:31 Heven and erth shall passe/ butt my wordes shall nott passe.
13:32 Butt of the daye and the houre/ knoweth no man: no nott the angels which are in heven: nether the sonne hym silfe/ save the father only.
13:33 Take hede/ watche/ and praye/ for ye knowe nott when the tyme ys.
13:34 As a man which ys gone in to a straunge countrey and hath lefte hys housse/ and geven auctorite to hys servauntſ/ and to every man hys worke/ and commaunded the porter to watche.
13:35 Watche therfore/ for ye knowe not/ whē the master of the housse wyll come/ whether att even/ or at mydnyght/ whether att the cocke crowynge/ or in the daunynge:
13:36 lest yff he come sodenly/ he shulde fynde you slepynge.
13:37 And that I saye vnto you/ I saye vnto all men/ watche.
The. xiiij. Chapter.
14:1 AFter two dayes folowed ester/ and the dayes of swete breed. And the hye prestſ and scrybſ sought meanes/ howe they myght take hym by crafte and putt hym to deeth.
14:2 Butt they sayde: nott on the feaste daye/ leest eny busynes aryse amonge the people.
14:3 When he was in bethania/ in the housse off Simon the leper/ even as he sate att meate/ there cam a womā with an alablaster boxe of oyntement/ called narde/ that was pure and costly/ and she brake the boxe ād powred it on his heed.
14:4 There were some that disdayned ī them selves/ and sayde: what neded this waste of oyntment?
14:5 For it myght have bene soolde for more thē two houndred pens/ and bene gevē vnto the povre. And they grudged agaynste her.
14:6 And Iesus sayd: lett her be in reest/ why greve ye her? She hath done a goode worke on me.
14:7 Ye/ ād ye shall have povre with you all wayes: and whē soever ye will/ ye maye do them goode: butt me ye shal not have alwayes.
14:8 She hath done that she coulde: she cam a fore hōde to anoynt my boddy to his buryinge warde.
14:9 Verely I saye vnto you: wheresoever thys gospell shalbe preached thorow out the whole worlde: thys also that she hath done/ shalbe rehearsed in remembraunce of her.
14:10 And Iudas Iscarioth/ won off the twelve/ went awaye vnto the hye prestſ/ to betraye him vnto thē.
14:11 Whē they herde that/ they were gladde/ and promised that they wolde geve hym money. And he sought/ howe he myght cōvenyently betraye hym.
14:12 And the fyrst daye of swete breed/ when they offered the pascal lambe/ his disciples sayd vnto hym: where wylt thou that we goo ād prepare that thou mayste eate the ester lambe?
14:13 And he sent fourth two of his disciples/ and sayde vnto them: Goo ye into the cite/ and there shall a man mete you berīge a pitcher of water/ folowe hym:
14:14 And whidthersoever he goeth in/ saye ye to the good man off the housse: The master axeth where is the geest chambre/ where I shall eate the ester lambe with my disciples.
14:15 And he wyll shewe you a greate parlour/ paved/ and prepared: there make reddy for vs.
14:16 And his disciples went forth/ and cam in to the cite/ and founde as he had sayd vnto them/ and made reddy the ester lambe.
14:17 And att evē/ he cam with the twelve.
14:18 And as they sate att borde and ate/ Iesus sayde: Verly I saye vnto you: that won off you shall betraye me/ which eateth with me.
14:19 And they began to morne/ and to saye to hym won by won: ys it I? And another sayde: Ys it I?
14:20 he answered/ and sayd vnto them: It is won of the .xij. and the same depeth with me in the platter.
14:21 The sonne of mā goeth/ as it is written of hym: but woo be to that man/ by whome the sonne of man is betrayed. Goode were hitt for hym/ if that man had never bene borne.
14:22 And as they ate/ Iesus toke breede/ gave thākſ/ brake it and gave it to them and sayd: Take/ eate/ Thys ys my body.
14:23 And he toke the coppe/ gave thankſ/ and gave it to them/ ād they drōke all off it/
14:24 And he sayde vnto them: Thys ys my bloude of the newe testament/ which shalbe sheed for many.
14:25 Verely I saye vnto you: I wyll drynke no moore off this frute off the vyne/ vntyll that daye/ that I shall drynke it newe in the kyngdom of god.
14:26 And when they had sayd grace/ they went out in to the mount olivete.
14:27 And Iesus sayde vnto them: All ye shalbe hurtt thorowe me thys nyght/ For it is written: I wyll smyte the shepheerd/ and the sheepe shalbe scattered.
14:28 Butt after that I am rysen agayne I wyll goo into galile before you.
14:29 Peter sayde vnto hym: And though all men shulde be hurte/ yett wolde nott I.
14:30 And Iesus sayd vnto hym: Verely I saye vnto the thys daye even in this nyght/ before the cocke crowe twyse/ thou shallt deney me thryse.
14:31 And he spake boldlyer: no/ if I shulde dey with the/ I woll not deny the Lyke wyse also sayd they all.
14:32 And they cam in to a place named gethsemani/ And he sayde to his disciples: Sitt ye here/ whyll I goo aparte and praye.
14:33 And he toke with hym Peter/ Iames/ and Ihon/ and he began to waxe abasshede and to be in an agony.
14:34 And sayde vnto them: My soule is very hevy even vnto the deeth/ tary here and watche.
14:35 And he wēt forth a lytle and fell dounne on the groūde ād prayede/ That yf it were possible/ the houre myght passe from hym/
14:36 And he sayde: Abba father/ all thingſ are possible vnto the/ take awaye this cuppe from me. neverthelesse nott that I wyll/ butt that thowe wilt be done.
14:37 And he cā/ and founde them slepīge/ ād sayd to Peter: Simon slepest thou? Coudest not thou watche with me one houre?
14:38 watche ye/ and praye/ leest ye entre into temptacion/ the sprete is redy/ but the flesshe is weeke.
14:39 And agayne he wēt awaye and prayde/ and spake the same wordſ.
14:40 And he returned and founde them aslepe agayne/ for their eyes were hevy: nether coulde they tell what they myght answere to hym.
14:41 And he cā the thyrde tyme/ and sayd vnto them: slepe hens forth ād take youre ease. It ys ynough. The houre is come/ Beholde the sonne of man shalbe delyvred into the hondſ of synners.
14:42 Ryse vppe/ let vs goo/ Loo he that betrayeth me/ is come nye.
14:43 And immediatly whill he yett spake cam Iudas/ won off the twelve/ and with hyme a greate nomber off people with sweardes and staves from the hye prestes and scribes and seniours.
14:44 He that betrayed hym/ gave them a generall token/ sayinge: whosoever I do kisse/ he it is/ take hym/ and leade hym awaye warely.
14:45 And as sone as he was come/ he went streight waye to hī/ And sayd vnto hym: master/ master/ and kissed hī.
14:46 And they leyde their hondſ on him. ād toke hī.
14:47 Won off them that stode by drue out a swearde/ and smote a servaunt off the hye preste/ and cutt off hys eare.
14:48 And Iesus answered and sayd vnto them: ye cam out as vnto a thefe with sweardes ād with staves ffor to take me/
14:49 I was dayly with you in the temple teachīge/ and ye toke me not/ but that the scripturſ shulde be fulfilled:
14:50 and they all forsoke hym and rāne awaye.
14:51 And there was a certeyne yonge man thatt folowed hym cloothed in linē apō the bare/ ād the yonge mē caught hym/
14:52 and he lefte his lynnē and fleed from thē nakeed.
14:53 And they leedde Iesus awaye to the hyest preste off all/ and to hym came all the hye prestes/ and the seniours/ ād the scribes.
14:54 And Peter folowed a greate way of even into the pallys of the hye preste/ and he was there and sat with the servauntſ/ and warmed hym silfe att the fyre.
14:55 And the hye prestſ and all the counsell sought for witnes agaynste Iesu/ to putt hym to deeth/ And they founde noone.
14:56 Yett many bare falce witnes agaynste hym/ butt their witnes agreed not to gedder.
14:57 And there aroose certayne and brought falce witnes againste hym/ sayīge:
14:58 We herde hym saye: I wyll destroye this temple made with hondes/ and with in thre dayes I wyll bilde another made with out hondes.
14:59 And there witnes aggreed not to gedder.
14:60 And the hyeste preste stode vppe before them all/ and axed Iesus sayinge: answerest thou nothinge? Howe is it that these beare witnes agaynst the?
14:61 And he helde his peace/ and answered noothynge. Agayne the hyeste preste axed hym/ and sayde vnto hym: Arte thou Christ the sonne off the blessed?
14:62 And Iesus sayde: I am. And ye shall se the sonne off man sitt on the ryght honde of power/ and come in the cloudes off hevē.
14:63 Thē the hyest preste rent his cloothes and sayd: what nede we eny further of witnes?
14:64 ye have herde the blasphemy/ what thinke ye? And they all gave sentence that he was worthy of deeth.
14:65 And some began to spit at hym/ and to cover his face/ and to bet hym with their fistſ/ and to saye vnto him arede vnto vs. And the servauntes boffeted him on the face.
14:66 And Peter was beneeth in the pallys/ and there cam won off the wenches off the hyest preste/
14:67 And when she sawe Petre warmynge hym silfe/ she loked on hym/ and sayd: wast not thou also with Iesus of Nazareth?
14:68 And he denyed it sayinge: I knowe hym not/ nether wott I what thou sayest: And he went out in to the poorche/ and the cocke crewe.
14:69 And a damsell sawe hym/ and agayne began to saye to them that stode by/ thys ys won of them.
14:70 And he denyed yt agayne. And anon after/ agayne they that stode by/ sayde to Peter: suerly thou arte won off them/ for thou arte of galile/ and thy speache agreth therto.
14:71 And he began to coursse and to sweare/ sayinge/ I knowe nott thys man off whom ye speake.
14:72 And agayne the cocke crewe. And Peter remembred the worde that Iesus sayd vnto him: before the cocke crowe twyse thou shalt deny me thryse/ and began to wepe.
The. xv. Chapter.
15:1 ANd anon in the dawnynge heelde the hye prestes a counsell with the seniours ād the scribſ/ And also the whoole congregacion/ and bounde Iesus and ledde hym awaye/ and delyvered hym to Pilate.
15:2 And Pilate axed hym: Arte thou the kynge off the Iewes? And he answered/ and sayde vnto hym: thou sayest yt.
15:3 And the hye prestes accused hym off many thyngſ.
15:4 Pylate axed hym agayne/ sayinge: Answerest thou nothynge? Behoolde howe many thingſ they lay vnto thy chard?
15:5 Iesus yett answered never a worde/ so that Pilate merveled.
15:6 Att the feast Pilate was wont to delyvre att their pleasure a presoner: whōsoever they wolde desyre.
15:7 And there was one named Barrabas/ which laye bounde with them/ that caused in surrettion/ and in the in surrection cōmitted murther.
15:8 And the people called vnto hym/ and began to desyre off hym/ accordinge as he had ever done vnto them.
15:9 Pylate answered them/ and sayd: Wyll ye that I loose vnto you the kynge off the Iewes?
15:10 For he knewe that the hye prestes had delyvered hym off envy.
15:11 Butt the hye prestes had moved the people that he shulde rather delyvre Barrabas vnto them.
15:12 Pylate answered agayne/ and sayd vnto thē: What wyll ye then that I do with hym/ whom ye call the kynge of the Iewes?
15:13 And they cryed agayne: crucify hym.
15:14 Pylate sayde vnto them: What harme hath he done? And they cryed the moore fervently: crucifi hym.
15:15 Pylate willinge to content the people/ loused Barrabas/ And delyvered Iesus scourged for to be crucifyed.
15:16 And the souddeers ledde hym awaye in to the cōmen hall/ and called togedder all the whoole multitude/
15:17 and they clothed hym with purple/ and they plated a croune off thornes and crouned hym with all/
15:18 And began to salute hym: hayl kynge off the Iewes.
15:19 And they smoote hym on the heed with a rede/ and spatt apon hym/ and kneled doune and worsheped hym.
15:20 And when they had moocked hī/ they toke the purple off hī/ and put his awne cloothes on hī/ ād ledde hī oute/ to crucify hī.
15:21 And they cōpelled won that passed by called Simō of cerene (which cā oute of the felde/ and was father off Alexander and Rufus) to beare hys crosse.
15:22 And they brought him to a place named Golgotha (which is by interpretacion/ the place of deed mens scoulles)
15:23 and they gave hī to drynke wyne myngled with mirre/ butt he receaved it not.
15:24 And when they had crucified hym/ they parted hys garmentſ/ castinge loottſ for them/ what every man shulde have.
15:25 And it was aboute the thyrde houre/ and they crucifyed hym.
15:26 And the title of the cause of hys deeth was wrytten/ The kynge of the iewis.
15:27 And they crucifyed with hī two theves: the one on his ryghthonde/ ād the other on hys lifte honde.
15:28 And the scripture was fulfilled/ which sayeth: ād he was coūted amonge the wicked.
15:29 And they that went by/ rayled on hym: waggynge their heedes/ ād sayinge: A wretche/ that destroyest the tēple and byldest yt in thre dayes.
15:30 Save thy silfe/ and come doune from the crosse.
15:31 Lyke wyse also mocked hī the hye preestſ amonge them selves whyth the scribſ/ and sayde: He saved other men/ hym silfe he cannot save.
15:32 Lett Christ the kynge of Israel nowe descende from the crosse/ that we waye se and beleve. And they that were crucified with him/ checked hym also.
15:33 And whē the sixte houre was come/ darknes aroose over all the erth/ vntill the nynthe houre.
15:34 And att the nynthe houre Iesus cryed with a loude voyce/ sayīge: Eloi/ Eloi/ la ma sabaththani/ which is yf yt be interpreted: my god/ my god/ why hast thou forsaken me?
15:35 And some off them that stode by when they herde that sayde: behoolde he calleth for Helias.
15:36 And won ran/ and filled a sponge full off veneger/ and putt yt on a rede/ and gave it hym to drynke/ sayinge: lett hym alone/ let vs se whither Helias wyll come and take hym doune.
15:37 Butt Iesus cryed with aloude voyce/ ād gave vppe the gooste.
15:38 And the vayle off the temple did rent ī two parties/ frō the toppe to the boottome.
15:39 And the vndercaptayne which stode before hym sawe that he so cryed and gave vppe the gooste/ and he sayd: truely this man was the sonne of god.
15:40 There were also wemē a good waye of beholdinge him/ amonge whom was Mary magdalen/ and Mary the mother of Iames the lytle and of Ioses/ and Mary Salome.
15:41 which alsoo when he was in galile/ folowed hym/ and ministred vnto him/ and many other wemē which cam vppe with hym to hierusalem.
15:42 And nowe when nyght was come (because it was the evē that goeth before the saboth)
15:43 Ioseph of arimathia a noble senatour (which also loked for the kyngdom of god/ cam And went booldly vnto Pylate/ and begged the boddy off Iesu/
15:44 Pylate merveled that he was alredy deed and called vnto hym the vnder captayne and axed of him/ whether he had bene eny whyle deed.
15:45 And when he knewe the trueth off the vnder captayne/ he gave the boddy to Ioseph.
15:46 And he bought a linen cloothe/ and toke hym doune ād wrapped hym in the lynnen cloothe/ and layde hym in a tombe/ that was hewen oute of the rocke. And roolled a stone vnto the dore off the sepulcre.
15:47 And Mary magdalen and Mary Iose beheld where he was layde.
The. xvj. Chapter.
16:1 ANd whē the sabboth daye was past/ Mary magdalen/ and Mary Iacobi/ ād Salome/ bought oyntmentſ/ that they myght come ād anoynt him.
16:2 And yerly ī the mornīge the nexte daye after the sabboth day they cam vnto the sepulcre/ when the sun was risen/
16:3 And they said won to another: who shall rolle awaye the stone from the dore off the sepulcre?
16:4 And whē they behelde yt/ they sawe how the stone was rolled awaye. For it was a very greate wō/
16:5 ād they wēt ī to the sepulcre/ and sawe a yonge man/ sittinge on the ryght syde/ cloothed in a longe white garment/ and they were abasshed.
16:6 He sayd vnto thē/ be nott afrayed/ ye seke Iesus of nazareth/ which was crucified. He ys rysen/ he ys nott here. Behoolde the place/ where they putt hym.
16:7 Butt go youre waye/ and tell his disciples/ and namly Peter/ that he is goone before you in to galile/ there shall ye se hym/ as he sayde vnto you.
16:8 And they went oute quicly and fleed frō the sepulcre. For they trembled ād were amased/ Nether said they eny thinge to eny mā/ for they were afrayed.
16:9 When Iesus was risen the morowe after the sabboth daye/ he appered fyrst to Mary magdalen/ oute off whom he cast seven devyls.
16:10 And she went/ and toolde them that were with hym/ as they morned and weppte.
16:11 And whē they herde/ that he was alive/ and had appiered to her: they beleved it not.
16:12 After that/ he appered vnto two of thē in a straunge figure/ as they walked/ and went in to the country.
16:13 And they went/ and toolde it to the remnaunt. And they beleved thē nether.
16:14 After that he appered vnto the eleven as they sate at meate: and cast in their teche their vnbelefe/ ād hardnes off herte: be cause they beleved not them which had sene hym after his resurreccion.
16:15 And he sayd vnto them. Goo ye in to all the woorlde/ and preache the gospell to all creaturs:
16:16 Whosoever beleveth/ and ys baptised/ shalbe safe: And whosoever beleveth nott/ shalbe dampned.
16:17 And these signes shall folowe them that beleve: In my name they shall cast oute devyls/ and shall speake with newe tonges/
16:18 ād shall kill serpentſ. And yf they drynke eny dedly thynge/ yt shall nott hurte them. They shall laye their hondſ on the sike/ and they shall recovre.
16:19 So then when the lorde had spoken vnto thē/ he was receaved in to heven/ and sate on the right honde of god.
16:20 And they went forth/ ād preached every where/ And the lorde wroght with thē/ And confirmed their preachynge with myracles that folowed.
END The ende of the gospell of .S. Marke.